Distance Learning Course for MBA in Marketing Management

Marketing is probably one of the most promising fields in today's job market. Do you wish to take up a distance learning course for MBA in Marketing? Distance Education Guru got you covered. We are there to provide you with a list of top colleges around the globe offering the best MBA courses for working executives.

About the MBA in Marketing program

The list of MBA in Marketing Management  course is a 2-years Master's degree program that has been specially designed for working professionals. In this specialized course with a modern approach towards marketing, students learn various Digital marketing aspects. It helps you understand the developmental procedure of different products and brands over digital media. This course is currently one of the most desirable MBA degrees in the market, with high career and personal growth opportunities for students. 

Course Highlights:
  • These are 2-years MBA degree courses 
  • The course enriches students with an insight into different principles and functions of marketing that they can later apply in the real corporate world.
  • Universities and courses use updated tools and study materials to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of the business environment.
  • Learn the contemporary techniques in marketing and understand marketing at a global and regional level.
  • Get a better understanding of management concepts and learn how to amalgamate them into your marketing management techniques. 
  • The course teaches you to navigate the field of marketing, including modern and traditional marketing strategies, more effectively.
  • Upon successful completion of the 2-years course, you earn yourself a certificate or degree in Masters of Business Administration in Marketing Management with a distance learning opportunity.

Eligibility and Course Fees:

Eligibility Criteria:

If you are willing to join the best executive MBA in marketing courses, you need to meet the below eligibility criteria to get selected into the top universities-

  • A Bachelor's Degree (3-years course) in any discipline from an accredited university or any similar Association of Universities (AIU) approved degree with a minimum score of 50% 
  • OR
  • A Bachelor's Degree (3-years course) in any discipline from an accredited university or any similar Association of Universities (AIU) approved degree with a minimum score of 50% in graduation and a work experience of 2 years.

Course Fee Structure

Aspiring candidates need to follow the below course fee and payment structure for getting admission into the distance learning MBA course in Marketing.

Option 1: Full Fee Payment for the 2-years course (in INR)
  • 1,44,000/- with the Pro lecture plan
  • 1,20,000/- with the Prime lecture plan
Option 2: Annual Fee Payment (in INR)
  • 77,500/- per year with the Pro lecture Plan
  • 65,500/- per year with the Prime lecture Plan
Option 3: Semester-wise payment of fees for 4 semesters (in INR)
  • 41,000/- per semester for the Pro Lecture Plan
  • 35,000/- per semester for the Prime Lecture Plan

Students choosing MBA courses in Marketing from our list of universities can choose their mode of lecture. They get two modes to choose from and pay their course fees accordingly.

  • Pro Mode: Students here can access live and interactive lectures and also avail the recorded versions.
  • Prime Mode: Here, students have access only to the recorded lecture sessions.
  • Prime+ Mode: Some universities offer this lecture mode option where the students choose between recorded and live-interactive lectures.

Payment structure:

Apart from the fee structure mentioned above, you need to consider these fees for registering for your course-

  • Admission fees of Rs. 1,200/-
  • An initial deposit fee of Rs. 5,000/- from your course fees, collected during the registration
  • Examination Fees of Rs. 600/ - for each of the course subjects

Financial support:

Our listed universities don't offer any financing plan to the candidates. However, you can always choose to pay for your course fees with the partner financial institutions' easy EMI Plans or Educational loans. 

MBA in Marketing Course Structure

The MBA in Marketing distance learning course  covers all the related subjects in 2 years, broken into 4 semesters. Each of the subjects covered in each of the semesters carries 4 credit marks. 

Subjects covered in Semester I:
  • Marketing Management
  • Management Theory and Practice
  • Financial Analysis and Accounting
  • Business Economics
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Information System for Managers
Subjects covered in Semester II:
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Business Communication
  • Business Law
  • Decision Science
  • Essentials of Human Resource Management
Subjects covered in Semester III:
  • Marketing Strategy
  • International Marketing
  • Sales Management
  • Brand Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Consumer Behavior
Subjects covered in Semester IV:
  • Marketing Research
  • Digital Marketing
  • Services Marketing
  • Business Governance, Risk, and Ethics
  • Research Methodology
  • Project

Career Opportunities

Distance Education Guru gives you academic counseling on MBA courses and a career guidance. We guide working executives to the best distance MBA in Marketing to become the market leaders in the corporate world.

Each of the courses provides you with perfect resources and tools that help in gaining an edge over your competition. It will help you create a profitable and sustainable business environment. With these qualities, you can secure job roles as-

  • Product Manager who develops products for a company after a thorough market research
  • Market Research Head to conduct a market survey, assess consumer behavior, and deduce proper advertising strategies and product development.
  • Brand Manager to handle the media actions and communication for improving the brand image.
  • Marketing Manager to develop, administer and execute profitable and effective marketing strategies.
  • Media Planning and Buying Officer to communicate with customers and understand their needs for developing a suitable advertising strategy.
  • PR Manager to maintain the public image of an organization.

Register for your distance MBA course in Marketing

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